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Pick 3 OLG Review | How to Play Pick 3 (Canada)



OLG Pick3 lottery

If you think that luck games are your thing, then you will surely like the Pick 3. It is a lottery game in Ontario that provides daily drawings and fantastic winning odds. This game has the same format as other lottery games on the globe. Pick 3 was launched back in 1989, and still, it has a massive following. Players can win many prizes just by getting a set of 3 numbers perfectly. Following is a complete review of this fantastic game.

About Pick 3 OLG

Pick 3 Canada is an Ontario-based lottery game in which you just have to guess sequence or combinations of numbers to win prizes. It has excellent winning odds that you can get accordion to the mode of the game that you are playing. Betters can buy advance tickets for this game with up to 10 draws in a single take. In this article, you will get to know about the OLG Pick 3 and how to play it perfectly.

How to Play Pick 3 OLG

At the start of OLG Pick-3, players will get the chance to pick three numbers ranging from 000 to 999. It is just like any other international lottery game. You can pick numbers that are identical to each other. Every single ticket that you purchase for this game will give you the chance to choose the three numbers 5 times. It means that you can have 5 different combinations in a single gameplay. A quick pick option is also available if you are not getting the lucky number to win Pick 3. The winning numbers in this game are selected two times a day which are entirely random. The timings are around midday for the first one, and the second one comes in the evening.

In OLG Pick-3, you can even decide how much you want to bet on a single spin or line. The minimum amount to bet is $1, and the maximum amount is $10. After placing the bet, you must select the gameplay option as well.

The first gameplay is the Straight play. It is simple and straightforward as you only have to choose a combination of numbers and place your bet on that. You will not win the bet even if you have guessed the two numbers right. It is necessary that all end numbers are identical to your chosen combination.

Singup at OLG pick3 lottery

The second gameplay option available in OLG Pick-3 is box play. It is a flexible option as in this, you do not have to guess the perfect sequence. For instance, if you have selected 349 and the result is 943, you will still win the bet.

The OLG Pick 3 results are drawn by using messenger ball machines. Ball machines have balls with numbers from 0 to 9 placed on them. The digit for the Pick 3 results is recorded by using those balls randomly. Other versions of this game which are Pick 2 and Pick 4, also work with the same process. Selection slip or quick pay, you can use both to draw numbers of this game five times on a single ticket.

Pick 3 Prize Tiers and Odds

The type of game mode and the amount that you bet are the factors that should be focused on Pick 3 OLG. For straight mode, you need to choose the exact sequence combination, and it has a one in a 1000 chance. But if you play Box Play mode for OLG Pick-3 winning numbers, the odds will be a lot more favorable. The probability in box play is one in 333. Depending on the amount of money that you want to place as a bet on this game, the price of the ticket varies.

In straight play mode, you will get paid after dividing the prize pool by the number of players that get the right combination. It means that in order to win a considerable amount, the number of winners should be less. At the same time, the prize distribution is a bit complex in box play mode. Even with this probability, every day, there are a lot of winners in this game. Plus, the prize contains a huge caliber as well.

Pick 3 OLG digit generator

On the official website of OLG, you can find a digit generator for about Pick 3 games and calculate your winning margins. On this generator, you can insert your personal details like name, birth date, and the date on which you are drawing the money or bet. You can also submit your draw information on this generator. This generates random probabilities and calculates lucky numbers for players according to their drawn history.

How to claim the prize for Pick 3?

play with olg pick3

There are different methods of claiming a different amount of winning prizes. If you want to claim an amount that is less than $1000, you should find an authorized OLG retailer that can provide you with the prize money. The amount between $1000 and $49,999 can be claimed by submitting an online request to OLG centers. If you have prize money of more than $49,999, contact the OLG support center and discuss your prize claiming option with representatives.

If you do not claim your prizes, they will be paid to the provincial government directly by Ontario, Sports, and Instant Gaming.

Jackpot, Payout, and Taxes

You will not find any specific jackpot prizes in Pick 3 OLG, not even a promotion for that. However, the jackpot value or prize can be offered if the ticket sales are extraordinary. These sales are observed by determining the wagering amount and each draw. For a whole year, players do not have to pay any tax on the amount that they win from OLG Pick-3.

Who Can Play Pick 3 Ontario?

Another thing about Pick 3 is that you must be 18+ to buy tickets for this game. It is a Canadian based lottery game, so you need to be inside the country to play it. However, there are no restrictions regarding the nationalities of players. If you have a legal visa that says that you can stay in Canada, you can buy lottery tickets for olg Pick-3. You should be specifically in Ontario province to play this game. Make sure that players do not have the authority to sell lottery tickets for this game outside the boundaries of Ontario.

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Guides – Live Casino Online



In Indonesia, the Mejahoki is one of the most comprehensive and popular gambling platforms. It gives an easy-to-perceive and use digital casino experience with an extensive list of casino gaming options. Its sports betting section is also very efficient and contains multiple games. With a reliable mobile application, compatible site, secure payment methods, and many other characteristics, this casino is getting attention from all across Asia. Everything you need to know about this online casino is in the following article.

About Mejahoki casino

Mejahoki is among reliable casinos and has been in the gambling market since 2015. This betting site has been licensed through Curacao gaming and comes with exciting gambling options. The software providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi are the reasons that this site has huge slot gaming options. Plus, in its sports betting category, gambling lovers can find various leagues and championships of different sports available for betting. In order to find more details about this versatile online casino, check out the following details.

List of ongoing promotions

At Mejahoki casino, you will see a number of promotional offers and tournaments going on every month. These promotions are to make things exciting and beneficial for customers. They can play different games and make specific deposits to get huge winnings out of these promotions. Some of these promotional offers are mentioned below.

Mejahoki bonus list

Hari Dharma Wanita Tournament

You can join Dharma Women’s Day IDNSLOT tournament from the 01st of August 2022 to the 08th of August 2022. This promotion gives customers the opportunity to win up to IDR 220,600,000. This tournament is available for games like Dangdutan Concert, Medusa’s Curse, Beautiful Civil Servants, and Kartini’s Story. Every new and existing player who has an account on Mejahoki casino is allowed to join this tournament. You can even track your position among other people at the site to know how many points you should get to win the promotion.

Independence Special Idnlive Tournament

This special event provides total prize money of IDR 573,239,000 to the players that take part in it. Its time period is from the 01st of August to the 08th of August 2022. It also has 2 different periods, which are between the 09th of August to the 16th of August 2022 and the 17th of August to the 24th of August 2022. You can play live casino games and win at them to increase your chances of winning this tournament. It is available for all customers, new and old. In terms of conditions, make sure that the final decision comes from the site operators, and it has to be accepted by the players.

Indonesia Independence Day – E-Lottery Tournament

The independence day lottery event will start on the 01st of August and remains till the 17th of August 2022 at the Mejahoki slot gaming section. The winning prize of this event will be RP 32,675,000. To be on the winning player list, you need to play the E-lottery Wayang Sakti game as much as you can. The RP points will be distributed among the first 585 players according to the rank they achieve before ending the event. It is available for every player that has registered with Mejahoky casino. Players with the highest turnovers will win this tournament so make sure to be one of them.

Slot Mania VIP bonus

Slot Mania VIP event will last till the 28th of August 2022. In this event, players will be able to collect the total prize of RP 2,880,000,000. This event has 8 different sections that are distributed over 8 weeks. Total winners will be 2000, and every week, the casino Mejahoki will distribute prizes to the top 250 people. All players that will be declared as winners will be on the basis of their turnover during the event. Pragmatic Play will be the moderator of this event which can change the rules any time it wants.

Software providers of Mejahoki Casino

Partners or software developers that Mejahoki casino has are reliable enough to provide excellent gaming options. They are the reasons why the Mejahoki slot gaming section and live casino games are so efficient and have amazing features. The names of those software developing companies are in the following list.

  • IDN Live
  • Ezugi
  • Spade Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Red Tiger
  • Evolution Gaming
  • SA Gaming
  • eBET
  • PlayStar

Multiple gaming options

In the Mejahoki slot gaming section, there are numerous games with unique graphical features and interactive gameplays. All of these games are developed by known game developers that are mentioned above. In its slots gaming category, you will find the following games.

  • Fire Queen
  • Starlight Princess
  • Triple Monkey
  • Mystic Fortune Deluxe
  • Thunderstruck Wild
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Fa Cai Shen
  • Super Lion
  • Treasures of Aztec
  • Super Boom PS
  • Medusa’s Curse

Mejahoki slot

The live casino gaming section of Mejahoky casino is also excellent. It is filled with live casino dealers with which you can play those games and earn a tremendous amount of money. This casino also lets users play just for practice without risking any money. Blackjack, Live Roulette, Queenco Baccarat, and Poker are the most popular live casino gaming options in this casino.

Sportsbook section of Mejahoki

The sportsbook section of Mejahoki provides betting lovers to place real money bets on their favorite games and their major tournaments. The casino is famous for football betting and leagues like German Bundesliga, Laliga, Premier League, and UEFA champions league. You can bet real money on matches of these leagues. It also streams matches of NFL, NBA, and tennis championships.

Esports games have also become very popular all across the world. Gambling lovers are making a lot of money by putting their stakes at events and championships of these games. Games that are available here for betting are Leagues of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Pubg, StarCraft, Overwatch, and FIFA.

How to register at Mejahoki casino

In order to enjoy the Mejahoki slot section, you must get registered to this platform. All you need to do is to go to the site of this casino and fill out the registration form. The steps to get connected to this site are mentioned below.

  • At the top right corner of the homepage of the Mejahoki site, the option “List” is available.
  • Click on that option, and the registration form will come up.
  • In this form, you need to add all kinds of personal details.
  • First, put your name, phone number, password, confirm password, and the email address that you want to use.
  • Then after adding personal information, go to the section of adding banking details.
  • Select the banking option that you use and add all of its details.
  • Confirm the details through a verification code.
  • Check out all boxes that show that you have agreed to all terms and conditions of the Mejahoki slot link alternatif.
  • After that, recheck the details and press the “Process” button, and your account will be created.

Reliable Payment Methods

One of the various traits of the Meja Hoki slot gaming casino is that it has a list of secure payment methods. Players can use those payment options to safely deposit and withdraw money at any time they want. It is among the policies of this company that it will not disclose the personal and banking details of its customers to any third-party applications. Plus, the authentication that has been done on the site of this casino is SSL which makes it a more secure platform. Some of the available payment options at this casino are given below.

  • Bank Mega
  • BCA
  • Bank BRI
  • BNI
  • Mandiri
  • BSI – Bank Syariah Indonesia
  • Panin Bank
  • Permata Bank

Mejahoki payment method

Friendly website and application for players

Mejahoki slot gaming casino has a user-friendly website that all players can easily use and play their favorite casino games. All categories are perfectly defined, and anyone with a basic knowledge of gambling sites will quickly get the usage idea. Not just this, the site of Mejahoki slot link alternatif is also compatible with all kinds of search engines and browsers. Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chrome, or Firefox, you can open this site on any browser you want. It is also responsive, and the mobile version of this website is remarkable.

The Mejahoky casino application is also available for all kinds of Android devices. You can visit its site, and on the bottom left corner of the homepage, you will see a QR code. This code is basically the link to download the APK version of this application. You can download it from there, allow the unknown resources settings of your device, and install this application. The betting experience that gambling enthusiasts can get from this application is remarkable.

Summary – Mejahoki is a reliable gambling site

You can find the Mejahoki slot link alternatif on which you can also have the gambling experience same as this site. The exciting and latest games that are available in this casino provide the perfect entertainment to betting lovers. Plus, with a professional customer support system, this casino does not put its customers in any query or question regarding anything. To sum up, you will indeed not find any online casino in Indonesia better than Mejahoki.

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Philippine Legal Sabong Betting



Philippine Legal Sabong Betting

Sabong is also called Cockfighting which is a traditional sport in the Philippines. It has been present in the tradition since the 1500s when the island was colonized by Spanish people. This sport is authorized by the government which is why betting on it is very common in the country. It is illegal in every other country except the Philippines. That is the reason why this country is famous for its ‘Olympics of Cockfigiting’ title.

About Sabong

Cockfighting is allowed in the Philippines due to its traditional reputation. According to an estimation, over 2500 cockpits are present in the country for betting purposes. There are even forums related to sabong that are dedicated to updating people about different tournaments of the game. They even have sites where they put live streaming of rooster fighting matches. This sport does not require any professional skill. All you have to do is to place your bet on any of the two roosters and wait for the match to end.

The legality of Sabong in Philippines

The legality of Sabong in Philippines

Not just Sabong is legal in the Philippines, but it is a widely popular sport as well. Legal terminals and cockpit venues are present in local areas where betters can go and place their bets. It has become a billion-dollar industry in the country because of its popularity. Even licensed bookies are present in cockpits which players can use to place their bets on roosters. But, no list of legit online sabong websites is available that have some reputation in the Philippines.

Legal v. Illegal Sabong Betting Pits

In various areas of the Philippines, outdoor stadiums are present for legal cockfighting tournaments. Some make this betting just for fun while for others it is a proper profession. The legal venues of cockfighting leagues are mostly held by bootlegging or mobsters in poor places. Players can make a lot of money just by putting a bit of care into the selection of the rooster.

Government raids these local and legal platforms so that illegal venues can get discouraged. Many players prefer these local venues rather than searching for online sabong websites. One huge difference between legal and illegal venues is the wagering structure. In illegal, there is not much of a structure whereas in legal everything works in a professional manner and through a proper channel. How the events work is also very different in both venues.

Working on Legal Sabong Pits

Legal cockfighting in sabong pits works in different stages. Two of them are available in the following points.

Ulatan – The First Stage

In this stage, roosters are compared by checking out properties like wingspan, weight, and height. This is one of the ways of adding the factor of fairness into the match. In legal pits, there is less chance of cheating which can be a lot in online sabong websites. After the comparison, a sickle-blade is placed on the foot of the roosters for the fight.

Ruweda – The Second Stage

The owners of two roosters stand in the ring while holding their pets in this stage. Those owners are also considered as the referees of the match at some point in the game. Casador is the person who makes the announcement and the Sentensyador is known as the referee. The ref declared the winner after looking at the conditions of both roosters after the fight. There is no second decision as you cannot appeal the decision of the referee.

Before starting the match, it is a tradition to hold roosters in the ring so that they can be aggressive to each other. This is also a way of increasing the hype among the audience about the fight. After this, the roosters are presented in the arena so that the betters can get a clear visual for the last time. These are the steps that are hard to judge on sabong online betting.

OTB Sabong Betting

Off-tracking betting which is also known as e-sabong is legal in different areas of the Philippines. There have been some announcements from PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) to give the authority to pits. By doing this, they can arrange a way to organize cockfighting tournaments on their own. In this way, this game will get the promotion all across the country. However, some people say that the statement from PAGCOR is controversial. That is because even after the statement of giving authority, there is not a single outlet of e-sabong in any part of the country.

Sabong Betting

House Bill 8910 is a movement that has the sole purpose of removing e-sabong from the Philippines. This movement has been approved unanimously by the legislature in 2019. Still, President Rodrigo Duterte has not signed this law. Updates on the matter say that the matter will be looked at again sometime in the 2022 legislative session. Chances are that this movement will become official and the law against online sabong sites will be passed.

Sabong Betting Odds

Understanding the betting odds for sabong will help you in winning a lot of money. The process of placing the bet is very simple and straightforward. The first thing that you should do after going into a cockfight pit is to watch the birds carefully. From slated to spar, observe them keenly. After this, provide Kristo with your pesos and wait for the end of the match. After the fight is over, all bets will get paid. The house will take its share in the very first place and then the other betters will be paid according to the pool. Below are the wagers that you can place along with their possible odds.

  • Lo Dies: +125 (5/4)
  • Parehas: +100 (1/1)
  • Onso: +138 (69/50)
  • Doblado: +200 (2/1)
  • Sampu-anim: +167 (167/100)

Is online betting on Cockfighting legal in the Philippines?

According to Philippine gambling laws, cockfighting is declared 100% legal and has the huge support of the Philippine government. President Ferdinand Marcos has declared this law in the constitution of 1974. A resident of the Philippines can take part in all sorts of bets even in illegal underground games. Later on, this law has become part of local criminal enterprises.

Conclusion – Sabong is here to stay!

Many critics say that sabong is inhumane and barbaric. Still, this game has not lost its worth among Filipinos. With a rich history and strong target market, this sport is not going to stop for sure and so does betting on it.

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Hulusport Betting Site – For Ethiopian Players Full Guide



Hulusport Betting site homepage

Hulu sport betting in Ethiopia is a domestically operated sportsbook and is a great option for players that love to bet on soccer championships. Besides soccer, players can also bet on other sports such as basketball, volleyball, MMA, ice hockey, and rugby. Its amazing features and simple sports betting options make it a reliable option for gambling lovers in the country.

Why Hulusport betting is reliable?

The Ethiopian betting market is still developing, which pushes many players in the country to go for foreign-based gambling sites. There are some local options that can grab the attention of the players and Hulusport is one of them. It has a registration in the country and is authenticated by the National Lottery Administration of Ethiopia.

Its professional online existence and substantial sports market are some reasons for the success and familiarity of this platform. Following are some features of the site that make it a reliable sports betting company.

Betting options on Hulusport betting

More than 40 sports are available for betting on Hulu sport betting in Ethiopia. It offers less popular sports like futsal with highly popular options like soccer. Every Saturday, almost 10,000 bets are being offered on this platform.

It might look less than most of the betting sites but when it comes to selection options during betting choices, it gives you a wide range of options. Players in Ethiopia can compete with the British office in games like motorcycles and cars racings. One thing that users will find reliable here is the high limit on the betting rates.

Live betting option at Hulusport

For sports like football, ice hockey, and tennis, Hulu sport betting in Ethiopia offers in-play betting options for players. Sometimes due to unnecessary delays in the reloading and updating of websites and applications, players can miss out on big betting opportunities.

In this regard, has a real-time digital environment that provides definite statistics of every minute. That is what makes it easier for users to keep track of game odds and can win a huge amount of money.

hulusport betting site page

On the site of this casino, you will find the list of every sport that is available for betting. For instance, if you go to the soccer session, you will find schedules of different games in different leagues. You can even check the in-play option to find out the details of running games. By using the accumulator at the site, you can even estimate the winning chances of a bet. It also tells the detail about multiple sections in a single bet. Just like football, you can also find details and schedules of other offered sports on the site such as darts, ice hockey, MMA, volleyball, baseball, and boxing.

Moreover, Hulu sport betting in Ethiopia also offers the use of the cash-out tool to its users. This tool is capable of retrieving partial winnings or payments that players have placed on in-play bets. They can do that before the end of the event.

Make sure that the amount that you can credit by the use of the cash-out tool will be dependent on the odds that are in the favor of your bet. In short, it allows users to win less or more than their original wager.

Responsive Mobile Application

Hulu sport betting in Ethiopia has a mobile version application that is friendly to users and is concise as compared to apps of other sites. The color scheme of the app is quite minimalistic and has other design elements as well. The flow of navigation is very simple on the app that allow users to find out what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Players can find the application of Hulusportbetting on iOS and Android devices. Due to the responsiveness factor of the app, it is adjustable to all sizes of mobile screens. In addition, some players do not prefer going through the process of downloading the application. For those users, the mobile site version is also available which is also very friendly to the users.

Conditions for Jackpot

Players can play jackpot competitions at Hulusport casino by predicting the final results of different matches selected by the site. Users have to pay their stake before the match in order to get their place in the jackpot competition. Conditions from Licensing Control and Betting Board will be applied if for any reason a match will be abandoned.

Payment options of Hulusport betting casino

To withdraw and deposit payments, the Hulu sport beting company offers multiple payment options. If you prefer using cards for payments, you can select the options like Mastercard and Visa. Visa Electron and Maestro are also available on this site.

For users that have electronic wallets instead of cards, options like Neteller and Skrill are also listed in the payment options of the Hulusport site. Whereas, the company also takes payments from direct bank transfers.

Simple registration process

Users prefer when they are on sites that have a simple registration process. At the Hulu betting site, players will be able to register themselves with the simplest methods. To register at this platform, all you need to do is to press the registration button on the website and fill out the form with your required information. Moreover, you cannot join the virtual games section of the site unless you are registered to the betting platform.

Hulusport betting register page

The information that will be required is the full name of the user, contact number, and a double-checked password. The site also has visible terms and conditions that players can read thoroughly before signing up. After signing up, the next time you come on the site all you have to do is to log in with your name and password.

What makes Hulusport versatile

All the features and characteristics of Hulusport make it a prominent platform in Ethiopia’s betting community. Above all, it also has a customer support center that resolves user issues and queries as quickly as possible. Though it offers betting options on different sports, but for soccer, it is a highly recommended place to do gambling.

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