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Philippine Legal Sabong Betting




Philippine Legal Sabong Betting

Sabong is also called Cockfighting which is a traditional sport in the Philippines. It has been present in the tradition since the 1500s when the island was colonized by Spanish people. This sport is authorized by the government which is why betting on it is very common in the country. It is illegal in every other country except the Philippines. That is the reason why this country is famous for its ‘Olympics of Cockfigiting’ title.

About Sabong

Cockfighting is allowed in the Philippines due to its traditional reputation. According to an estimation, over 2500 cockpits are present in the country for betting purposes. There are even forums related to sabong that are dedicated to updating people about different tournaments of the game. They even have sites where they put live streaming of rooster fighting matches. This sport does not require any professional skill. All you have to do is to place your bet on any of the two roosters and wait for the match to end.

The legality of Sabong in Philippines

The legality of Sabong in Philippines

Not just Sabong is legal in the Philippines, but it is a widely popular sport as well. Legal terminals and cockpit venues are present in local areas where betters can go and place their bets. It has become a billion-dollar industry in the country because of its popularity. Even licensed bookies are present in cockpits which players can use to place their bets on roosters. But, no list of legit online sabong websites is available that have some reputation in the Philippines.

Legal v. Illegal Sabong Betting Pits

In various areas of the Philippines, outdoor stadiums are present for legal cockfighting tournaments. Some make this betting just for fun while for others it is a proper profession. The legal venues of cockfighting leagues are mostly held by bootlegging or mobsters in poor places. Players can make a lot of money just by putting a bit of care into the selection of the rooster.

Government raids these local and legal platforms so that illegal venues can get discouraged. Many players prefer these local venues rather than searching for online sabong websites. One huge difference between legal and illegal venues is the wagering structure. In illegal, there is not much of a structure whereas in legal everything works in a professional manner and through a proper channel. How the events work is also very different in both venues.

Working on Legal Sabong Pits

Legal cockfighting in sabong pits works in different stages. Two of them are available in the following points.

Ulatan – The First Stage

In this stage, roosters are compared by checking out properties like wingspan, weight, and height. This is one of the ways of adding the factor of fairness into the match. In legal pits, there is less chance of cheating which can be a lot in online sabong websites. After the comparison, a sickle-blade is placed on the foot of the roosters for the fight.

Ruweda – The Second Stage

The owners of two roosters stand in the ring while holding their pets in this stage. Those owners are also considered as the referees of the match at some point in the game. Casador is the person who makes the announcement and the Sentensyador is known as the referee. The ref declared the winner after looking at the conditions of both roosters after the fight. There is no second decision as you cannot appeal the decision of the referee.

Before starting the match, it is a tradition to hold roosters in the ring so that they can be aggressive to each other. This is also a way of increasing the hype among the audience about the fight. After this, the roosters are presented in the arena so that the betters can get a clear visual for the last time. These are the steps that are hard to judge on sabong online betting.

OTB Sabong Betting

Off-tracking betting which is also known as e-sabong is legal in different areas of the Philippines. There have been some announcements from PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) to give the authority to pits. By doing this, they can arrange a way to organize cockfighting tournaments on their own. In this way, this game will get the promotion all across the country. However, some people say that the statement from PAGCOR is controversial. That is because even after the statement of giving authority, there is not a single outlet of e-sabong in any part of the country.

Sabong Betting

House Bill 8910 is a movement that has the sole purpose of removing e-sabong from the Philippines. This movement has been approved unanimously by the legislature in 2019. Still, President Rodrigo Duterte has not signed this law. Updates on the matter say that the matter will be looked at again sometime in the 2022 legislative session. Chances are that this movement will become official and the law against online sabong sites will be passed.

Sabong Betting Odds

Understanding the betting odds for sabong will help you in winning a lot of money. The process of placing the bet is very simple and straightforward. The first thing that you should do after going into a cockfight pit is to watch the birds carefully. From slated to spar, observe them keenly. After this, provide Kristo with your pesos and wait for the end of the match. After the fight is over, all bets will get paid. The house will take its share in the very first place and then the other betters will be paid according to the pool. Below are the wagers that you can place along with their possible odds.

  • Lo Dies: +125 (5/4)
  • Parehas: +100 (1/1)
  • Onso: +138 (69/50)
  • Doblado: +200 (2/1)
  • Sampu-anim: +167 (167/100)

Is online betting on Cockfighting legal in the Philippines?

According to Philippine gambling laws, cockfighting is declared 100% legal and has the huge support of the Philippine government. President Ferdinand Marcos has declared this law in the constitution of 1974. A resident of the Philippines can take part in all sorts of bets even in illegal underground games. Later on, this law has become part of local criminal enterprises.

Conclusion – Sabong is here to stay!

Many critics say that sabong is inhumane and barbaric. Still, this game has not lost its worth among Filipinos. With a rich history and strong target market, this sport is not going to stop for sure and so does betting on it.