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POP Slots Casino Free Chips in 2024




Do you want to claim the free POP slots chips? Then this article can be all that you need. Players from the United States can make their gaming experience more memorable by claiming the POP slot-free chips. This article provides valuable information regarding POP slot free chips and reviews different features of POP slots games. Aside from this, you can also learn how to download the POP slots casino app. Here, you can also find other bonuses, free chips, and loyalty points that the POP slots game offers. Keep reading to learn more about ‘pop slots free chips 1 billion 2021’.

Claim Your POP Slot Free Chips

Claiming POP slot free chips is quite easy and simple. There are many sites where players can find free chips for POP slots. Players can collect these free chips on their mobile devices, including Android and iOS. Even if you are new to this game, you can easily understand how the POP slot-free chips work.

free coins

Chips are basically in-game coins with which you can play this POP slot game. By the end of this article, you will learn the complete process to claim free chips in this popular slot machine game. Let us first find out more about ‘pop slots free chips 1 billion 2021’ and some basic features of the POP slots machine.

About POP Slots

POP slots is a popular slot machine with different levels and around 250 different spins. This game also has a strong bonus feature that makes this game more attractive. There is also a wild bonus feature in this game. POP Slots is released by PlayStudios, which is a popular developer in the online gaming industry. The features in this slot machine are suitable for players residing in the United States.

This slot machine game offers the real Vegas casino experience on your phone. Players can spin their favorite games, collect stickers, and win exciting prizes. POP Slots is well known for offering the ultimate Vegas experience through its collection of fun and engaging casino games and slot machines. Check some more features of this online game and ‘pop slots free chips 1 billion 2021’.

Features of POP Slots

Here are some great features of POP slots that are loved by many people:

  • Players can compete with their friends and take part in some social casino events.
  • POP Slots has a collection of exciting and authentic slot machines.
  • Players can invite their friends to play slots games and win slots freebies.
  • You can play the Vegas slot tournaments against up to 31 players.
  • Players have the chance to visit the virtual versions of real casinos such as Luxor Casino, Bellagio Casino, and MGM Grand.
  • Players can also achieve VIP status on the spinning reels.
  • POP Slots offers free casino games to players.
  • You can also play some mega progressive jackpots.
  • POP Slots provides free chips every two hours and daily bonuses.
  • Players can customize their Avatars and also visit the casino floor in style.

Additional Information About POP Slots

Here is some additional information about POP Slots that you can keep in mind while playing this game:

Live slots

  • Only players above 18 years of age can play POP Slots.
  • POP Slots does not provide real money gambling opportunities.
  • The virtual chips that players use while playing POP Slots do not have any real value and hence cannot be redeemed for any value.
  • There are certain in-app purchases available that players can claim.

How to Download POP Slots Casino App?

Are you interested in playing POP Slots and claiming POP slot free chips? Then, download the POP Slots app with the help of the following steps and claim ‘pop slots free chips 1 billion 2021’:

  • Players can download this app from the Play Store.
  • Visit the Play Store and search ‘POP Slots’ in the search bar.
  • Once you find the game, click on ‘Install.’
  • You can also visit the official website of Playstudios, which is the developer of this game.
  • In the games section, look for POP Slots and click on this option.
  • A new page will open, where you will find the download option.
  • Click on ‘Download on Apple Store’ or ‘Get it on Google Play’ depending on the type of device you use.
  • After downloading the app, install it on your device.

How to Collect POP Slot Free Chips?

Who does not want to make their gaming more exciting? If you are also eager to play POP Slots, then make sure you collect enough chips first. Chips are a necessary factor to play this game. Without chips, you will not be able to play POP Slots. These are basically the in-game currency that you can use to play this slot machine. If you are wondering where you can get these chips, then either you can buy them or claim free ones.

There are certain websites that provide regularly updated chip links. By clicking on such links, you can get free POP slots chips. Review the steps mentioned below to better understand this process:


  • Click on one of the POP Slot free chips links.
  • A new window will open where you must click on the ‘Play’ option.
  • After that, the POP slots app will open, and the number of chips will appear on the screen.
  • Now you have to click on the ‘Collect’ option to claim POP Slot free chips.
  • In case the chips are not added to the account, players can check some troubleshooting tips and try again.
  • One important thing that you should keep in mind is that the links of free POP slot chips will expire in about 24-48 hours.
  • After the collection of each link, you can force close the application. This is because this game may have issues processing the chips when the app is already running.
  • If you want to force quit the running app on your iPhone, then you have to double press the home button to open the list of recent applications.
  • Then, touch the thumbnail of the app and slide it off the screen. After that, the application will start from scratch.
  • If you want to force quit the running app on your Android device, click on the multitasking button to open the list of recently accessed apps. Then, swipe the app thumbnail to right or left to quit it.

Free POP Slot Chips: More Features

As we have already mentioned, POP Slots casino offers many in-app purchases and currencies. There are different levels with specific functions and features. Check below for additional features at POP Slots aside from the POP Slot-free chips.


Collect Daily Bonus

POP Slots app has daily bonuses for players. You can get free chips with the help of daily bonuses. As POP Slots lack any streak, there is no big deal even if a player forgets to collect the POP Slot-free chips. The daily bonus gets maxed out at 15 million POP slot free chips. This bonus also depends on the level of players.

Collect Time Bonus

At POP Slots, there is also a time bonus for players. You can claim this bonus every two hours. The amount of time bonus depends on the level of players. Currently, the maximum Time bonus at POP Slots can be 3.75 million. Time bonus can be a great way to keep the free POP slots chips coming in. Collect Time Bonus is also a great way to collect POP slots free chips 1 billion 2020.

Free Email Chips

Sometimes players may receive random promotional emails with links to free POP slot chips. You can check if the email is getting filtered into the trash or junk. If you are not receiving email chips, then you can directly contact the Playstudios.

Collect Communal Bonus Balloons

Communal Bonus Balloons are also a great way to collect free POP slot chips. You can find this option within the games available on the POP Slots. All you have to do is pop the balloons when they come up and wait for the results. Some of these balloons may come with free POP Slot chips. Players can spin the machines and see the bonus balloons on their screens.

Participate in Tournaments

Players can participate in tournaments and earn loyalty points. Even if players do not win the tournament, they can get free POP slot chips. Tournaments can also be a great way to collect the ‘POP Slots free chips 2021’. You can claim POP slots-free chips 1 billion 2020 through tournaments.

Free POP Slot Chips, Experience, and Loyalty Points

After reviewing all the features, you can know that POP Slots is a great free way to play exciting games. Different in-game ‘currencies’ or levels with specific functions available at POP Slots make it more engaging for players. Free POP slot chips are the in-game currency of this mobile slot machine. There is a feature called ‘Experience (XP) at POP Slots. Players can win this feature by spinning, and when the XP meter is full, they will move on to the next level. POP Slots free chips 2021 also has loyalty points, which players can use and redeem real-world rewards in Las Vegas. As you reach higher levels, the number of loyalty points will also grow.