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Playabet Kenya Online Casino Review 2023



Playa bet Kenya casino

The industry of online casinos and online betting is gaining a lot of attention. The operators are now focused on bringing something new and exciting for their players so that they stand out in a crowd. As for this website, it gained success by providing its services in African countries, especially in Kenya.

As the application is successful in not only gaining the attention of its users but also in keeping them satisfied with the overall experience. To give you detailed information about this casino, here is a guide for you. This article includes all the things that you want to know before you start playing in this casino.

Playabet Kenya

It is one of those few casinos in which you will always win something in every spin. There are no options for blank spaces in its spins so with every spin you will be winning something. In this review, you will find that how the site is performing and how it provides better services. The guide below will help you from registering your account till the time you get money in your hands and you are all free to enjoy your wins.

Registering on the Playabet Kenya

Just like all the other casinos, you need to register yourself by creating an account on the website. The process to register is very easy but it is important that you add all the details perfectly to avoid unnecessary problems when you are in your game.

Follow these simple steps to register on the account

  • Open the website www Playabet com.
  • Click on the “Register” option on the top.
  • You will be directed to a registration page, where you will be asked to add personal information.
  • Add in your accurate mobile phone number so that you can get a verification code to verify your profile. This will be the main mobile phone number that will be used for all the transactions. As the website uses Mpesa so add in your Safaricom number to make the overall process smooth and easy.
  • The website is only for 18+. You need to tick on the terms and conditions before submitting the details.
  • Your account will be created with that information. Make sure that you remember your ID and password for future use.

Apart from registering on the website, you can also join this website through SMS. All you need to do is type JOIN or PLAYA and then send it to 29663. This is also the shortest method as you will get a pin code to use whenever you need to log in to the Playabet app.

Once your account is created, you are all ready to enjoy your games, withdraw the money and spend it however you like.

Log in to the Playabet Kenya

After you are done with the registration of the account, then the very next step is to log in to the account to enjoy all the services. When you click on “Log in” you will come across a page that will only ask for your mobile number and 4-digit PIN code.

You need to enter the phone number that you used while registering the account. After that enter the PIN code that was given to you for the very first when you logged in. If you enter the correct details, you will be able to log in to the account.

In case you forget the code, then there is an option to reset it. While entering the phone number, you will see an option of “Forgot Pin”. Click on that option, and you will be directed to a new page. Enter your mobile number (the one used for registration). You will receive the text in seconds. Enter the code to proceed. You will be directed to a new page where you can set up a new code. Try to come up with a password that is difficult to guess but easy for you to remember.

Betting options on the Playabet Kenya

There is no limit to bets when it comes to www Playabet com. You will find a range of gaming options, it’s up to you to select the option that interests you the most.

online casino

Here are all the options that you will find on the website, look at them so that you can make better decisions in playing those games:

Sports betting

Sportsbetting is the choice of all the players, whether they are beginners or experts in this field. It is considered an interesting bet as the punters can make bets while enjoying the game with high interest. All you have to do in sports betting is make predictions about the outcome of the matches. Gamblers love to bet on sports as they know how the game is played and also have knowledge about the capabilities of the players. This information increases their chances of winning.

In this casino, you can gamble on all the top sports that happen in any part of the world. Most of the preferred matches that people often bet upon include cricket, football, racing, snooker, rugby, basketball, and boxing.

Apart from these matches, most of the players prefer to place high bets on the leagues such as Kenya super league, Champions League, FIFA, etc.

Live betting

Live betting is different from sports betting. In live betting, the bets are made during the match. Live betting has more chances of winning as the players make the bets by analyzing the situation of the game. The bets are also not for the overall outcome of the match but rather mostly played on minute outcomes. For example, there can be a bet on how many runs will be made in this over, or who will be leading the match till halftime.

Virtual games

You can find all the virtual games on the Playabet app on the home page. You will come across the option of “V-league” in the menu bar. Open that page and you will be directed toward all the virtual sports matches and its prediction. This makes the bets start in minutes and end in just seconds. Here the matches are entirely made by the software and they are also being further enhanced with the use of AI to reflect real-life matches.

Most virtual betting games include football matches as they are loved by most people.

Pick Moja

Pick Moja is the simplest way to make a bet on www Playabet com. The process of playing at Pick moja is very simple as it only requires the player bet predictions of where the ball will go during the time of penalty kicks. In case you make the right prediction, then the winning price is all yours.


In the eyes of the players, jackpots have remained a favorite selection till now. In jackpots, the prediction of the matches starts with a very small stake and the winning prize is very high. On Playabet Kenya you will see daily jackpots and weekly jackpots. Most of the players try their luck in these jackpots as the winning prize is high and the losing amount is very low that it doesn’t make much difference.

On Playabet Kenya, you can also get the chance to make predictions in these jackpots for free and get the chance to win a high price. In case you need to try your luck daily then you only have to spend 49 bob or KSH 25 to get the chance of winning 300,000.

Online lottery

On this website, you will find a number of Lotto games. In case you do not know, Lotto games are the ones in which the player draws numbers randomly, and the one that makes the accurate guesses of that number gets the prize. You will find a separate section of Lotto games on this website. This is an opportunity for all the players to try their luck with numbers and make guesses about the numbers. There is a wide variety of these games. For example, you can make multiple combinations and make up strategies to make better predictions.

Playabet casino

Cashout process

As you already know all about the games and which one has developed your interest the most. You can see different offers that you can find on the site. You will find the cashback service that is found in very few casinos. The process of cashout is when the player gets the advantage of early withdrawal from the stake that they made. In Kenya, you will only find very few other sites that offer this service.

Cashout process is beneficial for the player to win a high amount and also to avoid losing a high amount. For example, if you have placed a bet on the outcome of 5 matches and three matches have already been won, then you can cash out early.

You can also avoid the loss for example if you have made the bet on one team and during the game you can clearly see that they are losing. Then during the match, you can appeal for cash out so you can get 50% of your money back. This is the most effective practice of players as instead of losing all the money, they cashout and save as much as they can.

Bonuses and free bets at Playabet Kenya

Players need bonuses and free bets apart from the gaming experience that they enjoy on the website. You can find a range of these gifts, promotions, and bonuses that you can easily enjoy anywhere you want. Take a look at these offers:

  • Loyalty promo: This is a gift that is for those players that have placed 10 bets. After 10 bets, any bet that you make and lose the amount, the entire amount will be given back to you as a loyalty gift.
  • Free bet: This offer is valid for the very first game that the players play after joining the casino. In case you lose your first bet then you will be awarded back the entire amount that you have just lost.
  • Bet booster offer: This offer applies to the player who has done multiple bets. You will get around a 50% boost for all those stakes that are above 5 and when the overall odds are above 1.33. In this scenario, the lowest boost that is present is 10% to 50% which is for all the 20 plus teams.

Depositing with Playabet Kenya

Being a part of a casino means that you have to make a lot of transactions and the daily flow of money. For this reason, the sites that offer the most convenient method of deposit and withdrawal of the money are preferred by all the gamblers. When the player bet in a game, he needs to make a deposit and then further withdraw the amount after a win.

Here is how you can deposit the amount to your account:

  • After you log in to your account, you will see an option of “Deposit” at the top.
  • This will direct you to a page where you will be asked to enter the amount that you need to deposit.
  • Enter the correct amount and click on “deposit”
  • A new page will open where the Mpesa will open and you will be asked to confirm the account details and the amount that you need to deposit.
  • You will receive a pin on your mobile phone to confirm the transaction.
  • Enter the PIN code, and you will receive the money on your casino’s e-wallet in a few minutes.

In case you want to deposit through Mpesa directly, then the process is far easy. Open the application of Mpesa, select the option of Lipa na Mpesa, and enter the number “296630”. This is the official account number of www Playabet com through which the amount is directly deposited to your account. These are the two easiest methods through which the transactions can be done in only a few minutes.

Withdrawing with Playabet Kenya

After a win, in case you need to withdraw the amount, then the process is very easy and as quick as the deposits that you made. Just like the deposits, you can make a withdrawal through Mpesa. Just follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account
  • Open the menu bar that is present at the top of the page
  • Select “withdraw”
  • Enter the amount that you want to withdraw and click on “Confirm withdraw”

In a few minutes, you will receive the amount in your bank account.Ife you want to withdraw through SMS service, simply type “W#amount” and then send it to 29663. You will receive the amount in your Mpesa account.

Mobile application at Playabet Kenya

The website has been developed for all users who can use it on any device they want. You will find it user-friendly while using it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. There are separate applications for both iOS devices and android devices. When you open the website, you can easily find all of these top betting features and available options for all users. With the mobile application, it is far better and easier to claim all the wins that you get, and also, you can also make these claims at any time from your mobile device. As there are a number of benefits that you can find daily, it is far better to use the application daily from your mobile phone.

Security of the Playabet Kenya

As the website is considered highly effective in Kenya and South Africa, it needs to follow all the rules the laws have related to gambling. As it is a competing and popular website among the Kenya people, it is necessary to know that all it abides by all the rules. It follows all the rules and provides the players with a safe and fair gameplay platform. The National Gambling Board and the KwaZulu-Natal Gaming regulations are entirely followed. This increases the betting site’s guarantee and provides features for all the customers.

Contact details

To make customer service easy for all the customers. This casino has provided all the available contact details through which they can be reached. Here are some of the available options through which you can connect with the website and share your concerns in seconds.

  • Phone number: +254703065555
  • Email address:
  • You can find the service and customer care help on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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HappyMpo Review 2023



happympo casino logo

HappyMpo is a well-developed online gambling site for players from Indonesia. Players can enjoy various top casino games, sports betting opportunities, and worthwhile bonus offers on the platform. The casino works with several well-known software providers to build its superior game collection. Sign up for the site today for exclusive benefits and play fun games for a rewarding experience.

Latest promotions to try out at HappyMpo

happympo bonus offers

Improve your gaming experience by claiming bonuses.

The casino site provides several bonuses to help players maximize their chances of winning games. From free spins to cashback, the platform has a number of promotional offers to try out. You can make payments and claim bonuses through IDR. Check out the top ones below.

  • Deposit bonus
  • Welcome cashback
  • Welcome bonus
  • Cockfighting promotion
  • Casino cashback
  • Free spins extra bonus
  • Bonus reload
  • Sportsbook reload bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Slot rebate bonus

Deposit bonus

This is a deposit bonus for all players on the site. You can claim it through Livechat or WhatsApp if you deposit an e-wallet or bank transfer. The minimum deposit requirement is 25,000 IDR, and the maximum bonus amount you can claim is 500,000 IDR. When you deposit 25,000 IDR, you get an extra 15,000 IDR to use on slot games.

You must meet a turnover rate of 7x before withdrawing your winnings. It is possible to claim this offer every day as long as it is not combined with other bonuses such as free spins.

Welcome cashback

This 100% cashback offer is available for new members on Happy Mpo. It is usable on the various slot games on the site. You need to contact the casino’s customer support team to claim the reward. The promotion is available once while making your first-ever deposit on the site. Deposit at least 25,000 IDR to become eligible for the offer. The maximum bonus amount is 200,000 IDR.

This offer is available for players who make deposits through the bank or e-wallet. You can also claim the offer by depositing through PULSA, but the minimum amount added should be 60,000 IDR.

Welcome bonus

happympo welcome bonus

New players can use this 220% welcome bonus to improve their winning odds at HappyMpo. As soon as you make your first deposit, you will get a 20% bonus. Use this bonus, play games, and meet the turnover requirement of 25x to get the remaining 200% deposit bonus. You need to deposit at least 50,000 IDR to qualify. The maximum bonus amount is 1,000,000 IDR.

Cockfighting promotion

This promotion is available for new members of the HappyMpo site who want to play cockfighting games. You need to deposit at least 100,000 IDR to qualify for the offer, and the maximum bonus to claim is 500,000 IDR. The turnover requirement is 24x. Note that claiming this offer will make you ineligible to use other weekly promotions during the bonus time period.

Casino cashback

Avail of this promotion and win 10% cashback every day. The cashback amount is calculated on the net losses you incur each day. You can claim the amount through Livechat.

Losses in IDR

300,000 – 9,999,999


10,000,000 – 99,999,999


100,000,000 or more


Free spins extra bonus

Get free spins worth 30% of your deposit plus a buy spin offer of 15% as part of this promotion. You need to deposit at least 100,000 IDR to qualify. The bonus is usable on various slot games by Pragmatic Play. You can claim the offer twice a day.

Bonus reload

This is a 20% bonus for new members with a turnover requirement of 8x. Players who deposit 50,000 IDR or more can participate. Reach out to the support team through LiveChat to claim the reward.

Sportsbook reload bonus

Any player registered at HappyMpo can use this sports bonus. While the minimum deposit requirement is 50,000 IDR, there is no limit to the amount you can win through the offer. The turnover requirement is 5x, and the amount is handed out upfront.

Referral bonus

This is a 0.6% referral bonus you can claim by bringing new people to the Happy Mpo website. Ensure that your friends enter your referral code while signing up or it will not be considered.

Slot rebate bonus

This promotion runs weekly and gives you a 0.3% bonus on various slot games. It is given out every Wednesday based on the performance during the turnover period.

Top casino game developers at HappyMpo

happympo game developers

HeppyMpo has plenty of games to try out in its premium collection. This includes slots, table games fishing games and more. The following are the top providers on the platform.

  • AFB Casino
  • Pragmatic Play
  • GD88
  • WM Casino
  • OG Casino
  • Evolution
  • EBET
  • Dream Gaming
  • Asian Gaming
  • Sexy Gaming
  • LG88
  • N2Live

Fishing games available on HappyMpo

Fishing is a prevalent game category at HeppyMpo. The games are a lot of fun to play and have a lot of interactive graphic elements. You can check out various fishing games from reputed developers on the site. The games are majorly categorized based on the companies providing them. The following are some of the best fishing games to try out.

  • Joker Gaming
  • Spade Gaming
  • Fastspin
  • Playstar
  • CQ9

Joker Gaming

  • Fish Hunter: Bird Hunter
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Happy Fish 5
  • Fish Hunter 2 EX- Pro
  • Fish Hunter Spongebob
  • Fish Hunter Insect Paradise

Spade Gaming

  • Fishing War
  • Alien Hunter
  • Zombie Party
  • Fishing God


At present, the developer offers one fishing game called Fishing Treasure.


  • FA FA FA
  • Haidilao
  • Spicy Fishing
  • Bonus Zombies
  • Fishing Foodies
  • Fishing in Thailand
  • Ocean Kings Treasure


  • Lucky Fishing
  • Paradise
  • Fishing Heroes
  • Oneshot Fishing

Most popular slot games on HappyMpo

happympo slots

Apart from fishing games, HeppyMpo players love to try out the various slots on the site. Slots are a lot of fun to play and do not require any strategies to win. A single spin can make a player very lucky and generate attractive rewards. There are hundreds of high-quality slot games available, such as the following.

Pragmatic Play

  • Dragon Heroes
  • Shield of Sparta
  • Big Bass Bonanza
  • 5 Rabbits Megaways

AIS Gaming

  • Three Kings
  • Kulkulkan
  • Queen of Egypt
  • Rainbow Arowana

Habanero Gaming

  • Hot Hot Fruits
  • Thai Tuk Tuk
  • Taiko Beats
  • KoiGate
  • Wealth Inn

Spade Gaming

  • Legacy of Kong Maxway
  • Sugar Party
  • Journey to the Wild
  • Brothers Kingdom
  • Royale House
  • Fruits Mania

PG Soft

  • Candy Bonanza
  • Garuda Gems
  • Crypto Gold
  • Candy Burst

Joker Gaming

  • Aladdin
  • Arctic Treasures
  • Five Tiger Generals
  • Golden Island
  • Lucky Drums

CQ9 Gaming

  • Uproar in Heaven
  • Hot DJs
  • Wing Chun
  • Acrobatics


  • Tiki Rush
  • Legend of Nian
  • The Great Safari
  • Mining Bonanza

HC Games

  • Big Soccer Club
  • Super Mario
  • Jurassic Park
  • Street Fighters


  • Wolrd Cup Finals
  • Tiger on Gold
  • Mine of Prosperity


  • 777
  • Zuma
  • Super Awesome
  • Pok Deng

AE Gaming

  • Andara Bahar
  • Crazy Candy
  • Beat the Boss
  • Indian Lottery

What to know about the sportsbook on the site

The HappyMpo site has a sportsbook through which players can bet on several sports. It includes football, basketball, hockey, horse racing, and more. You can check the odds of winning and then figure out which bets to place. The site offers sports bonuses that you can use to boost your bets and make the most of your stakes. The following are the companies working with the site to develop its sportsbook.

  • AFB88
  • IA E-Sports
  • SBO Sports
  • CMD368

How to contact the customer support team at HappyMpo

The casino site offers several options for players to reach out to the customer support team. You can contact the team in case of any queries or if you want to avail yourself of the bonuses on the site. The customer representative will reach out to you as soon as possible. Connect with them through the following methods.

  • LiveChat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Phone

Bottom line- Play to win at HappyMpo

happympo casino games

Playing games at HeppyMpo is a fun and easy way to earn some extra pocket money. The site is secure and reliable and protects your private payment information from scams and fraud. You can make use of the site’s extensive bonus collection to improve your odds of winning.

The slot game collection on the site is wide and impressive and has been developed with the help of several top software providers. Apart from casino games, players can check out well-made sports betting options to try their luck. Simply put, the site has something to offer everyone and guarantees a great time.

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MyBoss188 Casino Review 2023



MyBoss188 Casino

MyBoss188 is a popular casino site for players in Malaysia. The site has dozens of bonuses, games, tournaments, and more. Players can try their luck to win huge rewards on the platform. Experience safe and fun gambling on MyBoss188.

Best promotional offers at MyBoss188

The casino site offers several promotions so that players can improve their gaming experience and win rewards. Bonuses are available for both casino gamers and sports bettors. Plus, the platform introduces bonuses for special occasions, like FIFA and Christmas season. The following are some of the top promotions available on the site.

MyBoss188 promotions

  • Christmas and new year lucky draw
  • First top-up losses cover
  • Refer and earn
  • Daily free spin
  • Weekly cashback
  • Slot games jackpot bonus
  • Weekly slot bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • Birthday bonus

Christmas and new year lucky draw

The draw features a huge prize pool of RM2,000,000. Top rewards include Rolex watches, Europe vacations, branded bags, iPhones, branded t-shirts, shopping vouchers, and much more. You need to have a deposit balance of at least RM2,000 to become eligible to participate.

First top-up losses cover

This offer is available for new players on the MyBoss188 site who have not claimed any bonuses. If you make a top-up and lose it, then the site will give you 100% back. The maximum you can win with this offer is RM150. Note that you can claim this bonus only if you have not redeemed the welcome promotional offer.

Refer and earn

This promotion rewards you for inviting new friends to sign up on the MyBoss188 site. Make sure your friends use the QR code or referring link you share to claim the reward. The following are the deposit requirements.

  • RM100 to get RM5
  • RM300 to get RM10
  • RM600 to get RM15

Daily free spin

You can claim this offer if you lose MYR200. You get 1 free spin every day as part of this promotion. There is no need to add a code to get the offer; it will be automatically added to your MyBoss188 account. Make sure to meet the 2x rollover requirement to claim winnings from this promotion.

Weekly cashback

You can get a cashback of at least RM5 as part of this promotion. This is a 2.5% cashback offer that runs throughout the week for players who lose on the following slot games:

  • 918KISS
  • 918HS
  • 918KAYA
  • SCR2
  • MEGA888
  • PUSSY888

Slot games jackpot bonus

MyBoss188 makes winning even better by offering bonuses for the same. You are entitled to this offer if you hit the jackpot amounting to at least RM188 on any of the slot games on the site, excluding XPRO CLUB.

Take a screenshot of the jackpot and share it with the platform’s customer support team to claim the reward. You will get 8 free spins on the Wheel of Fortune game. Note that you will not get the bonus if your jackpot amounts to less than RM188.

Weekly slot bonus

This promotion enables you to maximize your chances of winning at the site’s slot games. You will become eligible when you achieve a minimum turnover of 12,000 on the site’s slot games. The bonus amount starts from RM38 and goes up to RM988. The following games are excluded from this promotion.

  • 918KISS 918KAYA
  • PUSSY888
  • SCR2
  • MEGA888
  • 918H

Welcome bonus

This is a 100% bonus of up to RM888 that is exclusively available for new players on the platform. You need to deposit at least RM30 to become eligible for the reward. The turnover requirement is 7x.

Birthday bonus

The offer is available for players who have at least RM188 in their casino account. The bonus amount increases if you are a VIP member. Provide your birth date by submitting your ID to claim the offer. You can get anywhere from RM88 TO RM888 as part of this promotion.

Top categories at MyBoss188

The game and sports betting range on the platform is extensive and features several great options. The following are the top categories to check out on the site.

MyBoss188 games

  • Casino
  • Slot
  • Sports
  • Fishing
  • 4D

Popular game providers working with the online casino

The reason why MyBoss188’s game collection is so attractive is that world-class software providers have developed it. Check out the best game providers the site works with below.

VIP program available on the casino site

The VIP scheme that MyBoss188 offers is highly rewarding. There are several levels to achieve, as follows.

  • Boss VIP
  • Big Boss VIP
  • Super Boss VIP
  • Mega Boss VIP
  • Ultra Boss VIP

There are various deposit requirements to unlock each level. The top benefits of the scheme are live casino rebates, sportsbook rebates, slots rebates, and generous birthday bonuses.

Best payment methods at MyBoss188

The site enables several payment methods for player convenience. You can make deposits and withdrawals easily on the platform, and the processing time is generally only 3-10 minutes. The following are the top payment options available on the platform.

MyBoss188 banking options


Play big and win big at MyBoss188

In conclusion, MyBoss188 is definitely a site worth checking out if you are a player from Malaysia. The payment options are extensive as are the game and bonus collections. Moreover, the site is entirely safe and trustworthy to do online gambling. Sports bettors can also have a great time raising their stakes on the platform. You will find the site engaging whether you are new or experienced in the online gambling space.

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Doubledown Casino 2023 – Free Slots for Android



Doubledown Casino

Doubledown casino is a reliable platform to play Vegas casino games, mainly slots and jackpots. You can win several free chips and grab new deals without adding any Doubledown promo codes. Sign up for the site and play games for a fun and life-like gambling experience.

Promotional offers at Doubledown Casino

Doubledown casino keeps its regular players happy by offering several promotional schemes. You can use these options to enhance your gaming experience on the platform. While playing games on the site, you can win bonuses from time to time. This includes the Cleopatra bonus, Splish-Splash bonus, multi-pot rewards, free spins, and more. The following are the reward schemes to participate in without adding any Doubledown promotion codes.

  • Free chips
  • Diamond Club Rewards
  • DoubleDown Deals

Free chips

You can use the free chips you win at the casino on its various slot games. There are several ways in which you can earn them on the platform without any Doubledown free chips promo codes, as follows.

  • Follow the social media pages of Doubledown. This includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This is an easy and popular way to get rewards without the hassle of adding Doubledown free chips promo codes.
  • Provide your email address and phone number to the site, and it will send you free chips sometimes. Check your notifications frequently to avoid missing out on the rewards.
  • The site has a Daily Wheel offer. Spin the wheel to get free chips every day.
  • The site offers several chips packages that you can purchase. Choose the one that sounds the best for you. Note that every Friday, the platform runs sales, and allows you to buy more chips for less money. What’s more, the purchases increase your loyalty points and take you further up on the loyalty program.

Doubledown Casino bonus

Diamond Club Rewards

This scheme is divided into 11 tiers. The more you buy chips, the higher your tiers go up. You get free chips every day regardless of which tier of the scheme you are in. If your tier is high, you will get additional benefits and more free chips.

The 11th tier, known as Royal Diamond, offers the best rewards. Apart from a high daily wheel limit, gifts, and VIP vouchers, players get a weekly newsletter for even more free chips. Plus the ambassadors at Doubledown offer customized support.

Therefore, participating in the Diamond Club Rewards scheme is beneficial for regular players. The following are the major tiers and their respective rewards.

Tier Daily Wheel chip limit Number of gifts Number of VIP vouchers
White Diamond 2,000,000 3 Nil
Yellow Diamond 3,000,000 3 1
Pink Diamond 4,000,000 4 1
Blue Diamond 5,000,000 5 2
Red Diamond 10,000,000 7 2
Black Diamond 30,000,000 10 2
Cosmic Diamond 35,000,000 11 3
Fire Diamond 40,000,000 12 3
Orchid Diamond 45,000,000 13 3
Supernova Diamond 50,000,000 14 3
Royal Diamond 55,000,000 15 3

DoubleDown Deals

“Purchase DoubleDown Gold for a better gaming experience.”

This is a promotion that lets you get a better value on your chips. It is a type of gold currency that is exclusively used on the Doubledown platform. There are several packages to choose from. You can redeem the gold purchases on chips, and the value becomes 5% higher than normal.

The gold you purchase will be shared with you through email, and there is no expiration date. One Doubledown Gold unit is of the same value as 1 dollar on the site. You can choose to gift the gold to a friend as well instead of a Doubledown casino code share.

Check out the following offers on the site.

  • Get 525 Doubledown Gold units for $500 as a 5% bonus offer.
  • Buy 260 Doubledown Gold units with a 4% bonus at $250.4
  • For $100, purchase 103 Doubledown Gold units at a 3% bonus.

Play rewarding games at Doubledown Casino

You can try out a variety of fun casino games on the platform. The games are playable completely free of cost; all you need to do is sign up. Take a look at the top categories.

Doubledown Casino games

  • Slot games
  • Jackpots

Slot games

The platform offers a Vegas-like casino experience with slots that are rich in graphics and highly rewarding. Check out the crowd’s favorite options to play.

  • Golden Goddess
  • Cleopatra
  • DaVinci Diamonds
  • Lobster Mania 2
  • Crown of Egypt
  • Temple of Fire: Cash Eruption
  • Cats
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Texas Tea
  • Fishing Bob


There are jackpot happy hours that you can check on the site for better bonuses and rewards. For huge jackpot winnings, try out the Megabucks slots available on the platform. You can find special events on the site from time to time, with huge prizes starting with 1,000,000,000,000 chips.

Doubledown Casino apps

How to sign up at the casino platform

The sign-up process at Doubledown casino is simple and fast. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Head over to the homepage.
  2. You will find options to connect through email, Google, or Facebook.
  3. Choose the option that is more convenient for you.
  4. Provide the relevant account login details.
  5. A form will pop up, where you need to click the ‘Register’ button.
  6. The site registers you as a player.
  7. That’s all! You can start playing games on the platform.

Mobile compatibility of the casino

You can play games at Doubldown casino on your PC, tablet, or mobile device at your convenience. Many people choose to play games on their mobile phones as it allows them to play for longer hours wherever they are.

Where to download the Doubledown casino app

There is a dedicated mobile app that you can download on your Android or iOS device. The app is also available on Amazon.

Bottom line- Enjoy rewards without Doubledown promo codes

As it has been established, there is no need to provide any Doubledown promo codes to enjoy free chips and other rewards on the site. You can make chip purchases to become a top member of the site’s VIP scheme. This is worthwhile as it comes with a lot of awesome rewards.
Plus, the platform is easy to download, and the website layout is simple to navigate. It is a great place to start your online gambling journey as a beginner.

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