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Palm Treasures offer more than 500 slots along with incredible cash prizes for all the players. Every casino has its own features that it is known for. Palm Treasures is known for having the best quality and variety of video slots, roulette, keno, video poker, and racing dogs. All the collection present in the casino is provided by the world’s top-known and authentic iGaming developers.

Palm Treasures Casino – Enjoy the massive gaming experience

Gamblers of South Africa are currently showing a vast interest in PalmTreasures. Every day the casino is gaining new players from African countries. Here the review shows the reasons behind the popularity of this casino.

Gaming options

All gamblers have their own preferences in gambling games. In the casino industry, most professional players prefer to play at a casino that is popular for the category they have an interest in. At Palm Treasures online gambling login, the entire focus is on slot games and poker, etc. Take a look at the famous options in detail.

Video Slots

Currently, the casino offers 628 video slot games. To play any game, the player has to first register and log in to the portal. All of these games are based on random number generators that work towards generating thousands of new numbers every second. In every game, there is a new combination of the numbers present that brings in significant differences in the outcome of the game.

How to win at video slots

As this is the most popular category of Palm Treasure, we have added a few tricks to get a better chance of winning at video slots. Follow the tricks mentioned below and enjoy your high winnings.

  • Always make the bets high enough to be eligible for jackpots
  • Never go out of your budget
  • Slots with high denomination have high winning percentages
  • Start with small bets

Video Poker

There are nine video poker games at Palm Treasures online gambling login. In these games, the players only get 5 card draws. They have to make the decision further if they want to go for the strongest hand or choose a new card from the deck. The outcome is based on the cards in hand; the better and stronger they will be, there are more chances for the player to win.

Video poker games

How to win at Video Poker

Video Poker is more of a game of mind than luck. Here are some major points that you should always consider. Following the tactics will help in gaining a higher chance of winning.

  • Understand your pay tables
  • Play maximum coins
  • Make the flush or break up straight at the right time
  • Low pairs over a single high card give more points


There are seven Roulette games at Palm Treasures. These games are provided by Amatic industries, NetEnt and Wazdan. All of these are the different versions of Roulette for the players to enjoy the variety within a single game. Roulette is all about luck. A ball is dropped onto the revolving wheel that has numbers written on every compartment. The ball stops at one compartment, and the person who made the prediction of that number wins.

The best advice that the professional players have in Roulette is to always make the even money bets. As it is all about luck, strategies mostly don’t work in these games. The available variations of Roulette present at PalmTreasures are listed below:

  • Roulette Royal
  • French Roulette
  • Roulette 2 Advanced
  • Casino Roulette
  • Gold Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette

Every type of Roulette has special rules and policies. For example, Roulette in Vegas is played differently as compared to other variations.


PalmTreasures offers four Keno games to all the players. This is a lottery-style game in which there are 80 balls having numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Players choose the numbers that they believe will come up during the draw. There are different variations in the game where the player gets a specific number of cards that he can draw.

The four games include Bingo, Keno Universe, Keno +2Ball, and Extra Ball. Players can try on all of these games and can further play whatever they like the most.

Racing Dogs

There are two popular games under this category; Racings Dogs and Racing Horses. Both of these games also come under the category of virtual games. It is entirely virtual racing of horses and dogs, and the players bet on the final outcome. As it is virtual, the time limit is significantly less in comparison to the live matches.

The software used in these games is entirely related to real racing. The players can only make predictions where the outcomes are based on luck.

Palm Treasures Login

Every casino has its own requirements in the registration process. Some casinos seek a lot more information than needed. Palm Treasures login and registration process only seek limited information. To register, the player has to add in the following things:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password

There is no need to add in the banking details at this stage. After logging in to the portal, you can see all the games, along with the betting options, etc.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is a feature in casinos that makes sure players do not end up getting addicted to the game. At Palm Treasures, the casino has added a section for these players. Any player who feels that he or she is getting addicted to the game can seek help. The casino has also shared the details of the helplines that work in this sector.

Also another option for the players is to make a request with the casino to ban their ID for some time. In case you opt for this option, then keep in mind that sometimes the ban works in more than one casino. But this does not always work as there are thousands of casinos with amazing offers and games that work perfectly for all their users.

Cashback offers

Cashback offers are something that every gambler loves to have. In gambling, there is always a 50% winning and a 50% chance of losing. But when casinos offer the services of cashback over losses, then players love to remain loyal to that casino.

Every week at Palmtreasures, there is a 20% cashback offer for all the players. Every Monday, all players get the amount that is 20% of all their losses that they faced in that particular week.

Is PalmTreasure secure?

PalmTreausre uses SSL encryption in the casino that makes sure the games available are all fair and safe. In terms of security, gamblers seek only two things; fairness in the game and security in the payment options.

As more and more players are shifting towards this side, gamblers hunt for the games and casinos where protection is not at stake. Palmtreasures further share the knowledge about responsible gaming and the protection of the player.

Mobile application

In terms of the players, they always prefer playing a mobile application compared to the browser. On a browser, there is always a threat of losing connection or for the page to get reload; people can even accidentally close the window while opening it. As for mobile applications, the first thing is that the player gets bonuses.

Also, it is very convenient to keep track of all the games. The notifications also help in reminding the player about the offers, bonuses, and free spins that are about to expire.

Palm treasures customer service

Every casino website is different, having its own policies and gaming options. For this reason, gamblers often need assistance while playing. To fulfill the needs of all players, Palm Treasures login offers multiple options to make the connection easy, convenient, and accurate. There is 24/7 support for all players by the casino representatives.

There is a live chat option on the application as well as on the browser. This can be used for urgent and little pieces of information. Your problems or queries can be quickly answered through this option.

In case of any major problem or assistance, it is always best to email the casino and adds in as many proofs and screenshots as you have to support the claim. In emails, make sure to add in your username so that the process directly goes to the stage of solving.

Palm Treasures home play login – summary

Palm Treasure free access to the casino helps the players to get a complete overview of the casino site. Enjoy the slot games and experience all the variations. As slot games are something Palm Treasures login is very famous for, there are high betting odds. South African players love to spend their time and try their luck on poker and slot games. One amazing fact about the casino is that there are a lot of hidden offers and bonuses. Enjoy your journey at this casino, win huge bonuses, and become an expert in the casino slot games.