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How to Play Irish Poker?




How to Play Irish Poker?

There are certainly other variations of poker with widely known rules than Hold’em and Omaha. Recreative players tend to get bored playing the same old games, then some brilliant minds come up with a new variation. One of these games is Irish Poker. There are several online rooms that host Irish Poker now that the game is so popular. You can also find some live Irish Poker tournaments and cash games at some of these online rooms. However, this particular variant is more suitable for both serious and casual Irish Poker drinking games. Neither style of poker strategy requires deep knowledge of alcohol handling, but you should be decently adept at holding your liquor. You need to outdrink your opponents instead of outsmarting them, which is a completely different set of skills. So the question is, how to play Irish poker? The answer is in this article, stay with us.

The Basis of Irish Poker

How to Play Irish Poker?

Different Variations of Poker

How to play Irish poker? All you need for the Irish Poker drinking game is a deck of cards and a table.

A player gets four face-down cards laid out in front of them in a row. Left of the dealer, the person must guess whether their leftmost card is black or red. The person who predicts correctly hands out two drinks (makes two other players take a drink); the person who predicts incorrectly takes two drinks. There are no breaks in this process.

Your job is to guess whether the card beneath the previous one is higher than the previous card. Once you own the same card as before, you automatically drink. Right or wrong, you get four drinks; if wrong, you get four drinks. The second round of conversation followed.

If you already have two cards, you guess in between or outside of them for the third card. In the event you receive one of your cards again, you will drink if you said outside, but you will be safe if you said in between. Those who lose get six drinks and those who win get six coins.

For the last of the four cards, you are supposed to guess its suit. For every wrong answer, you drink eight and for every right answer you hand out eight.

There certainly is a lot of drinking involved in this Irish Poker drinking game, but it would be great for a party because so many people can participate.

Irish Poker In-depth

Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em‘s fusion makes the Irish poker. The player has 4 holes of cards, just like Omaha but the difference is that two cards must be discarded after the flop. The remainder of the hand you play, follow the rules of Texas Hold’em. How to play Irish poker? Know a bit about Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em.


In Omaha Poker, all the action takes place preflop. The small blind is posted immediately to the left of the dealer button and the big blind is posted immediately to the left of the dealer button. Each player is dealt four cards starting with the small blind. From the big blind, the action begins around the table. In the absence of an active call when the big blind is reached, he can check.

In Omaha and Hold’em, the flop is dealt face up with three community cards. After the second round of betting is completed, the active player nearest the button again bets. Two cards must be discarded after all betting actions have been completed. The turn and river are played identically to Texas Hold’em at this point.

In the traditional sense, Irish Poker is very similar to Texas Holde’em. The game starts with the player in hand and then the deal continues like a clock towards the other players.

The players as we mentioned before, receive 4 hole cards and not 2. If you decide to play the game in a pot-limit format instead of a no-limit format, the preflop betting round starts with the UTG player and all the rules are the same as those in Hold’em or PLO.

Immediately after the preflop betting rounds have been completed, the conventional flop will be dealt with, which consists of three face-up cards. An additional round of betting begins when the first person still in play to the left of the button presses the button.

The turn and river will be played like Hold’em since you will only have two hole cards. You really can build the best poker hands by combining your hole cards and community cards in exactly the same way that you do in Hold’em.

I think you can learn Irish Poker Rules fairly quickly. There is only one major twist when you have to give up two cards on the round, but that means you’ll have to adapt your strategy.

Irish Poker Drinking Game

Irish poker drinking game ride the bus takes you away from the usual game and this is more of a fun game and surely will increase the entertainment value of poker.

To play this game, you must be legal in your country and of the age when drinking is allowed by the rules of your country.

Equipment Needed:

  • Alcohol
  • Coin
  • Four players or more

All the players have to sit around a table.

The Procedure

Throw a coin and then you may determine if it was a a heads or tails.

The player passes the coin to the person on the right or tosses it in the air and guesses using his accuracy. If a player guesses right twice in a row, the coin may be given to anybody in the round.

A third guess is also possible. If he succeeds, he is then free to pick who he wants to give the currency to. If a player makes a mistake, he must either drop an item of clothing or drink, and the coin is handed to the person to his left.

Before the first toss, it should be obvious if catching the coin and then turning it over is permissible, or if the coin must simply be dropped on the table.

How to Play Irish Poker? The Fun Version

Play is the same as before, only the drinks have been changed to be more masculine. There are four rounds associated with the Irish Poker game (first four cards). The beverages offered and taken depend on the number of cards (2=2, 3=3, etc. J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=14).

Drinks on the bus include beer, 2, 4, and 6. Have fun! You shouldn’t play this during the first few minutes of the night unless you are a seasoned veteran, a natural tank, or a giant fat midget.

Don’t be a jerk; cultivate friends and form alliances because no one reminds you of the day you drunk yourself and certainly you are not in your senses.

The Bottom Line

The Irish poker is one of the best games out there and you will certainly enjoy both variants of it, the fun version and the serious version. Just like poker, roulette has many variations and the Vegas variation is one of the most fun. Have a read here.