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The Funniest Horse Names At The Races




Funniest Horse Names

When you are in a horse race, you speak some odd words that leave a mark for the future. Also, they become trending names. The players who are crazy for the horse games have created many funny words for horse names. Moreover, they like to watch all the stuff related to horse races like horse racing movies. So in this article, we tell you some funniest horse names that are famous while running on the track.

Funniest Horse Names

Horse Race

Some Funniest Horse Names at The Races

Following are some funniest horse names that are amazing:

Maythehorsebewithu-Top on The List of The Funniest Horse Names

It is justified to say that the horse has some force. When the player won the game on the track, he went to complete the Melbourne Cup. It is such a fabulous game for which the entire nation waits to come. Moreover, we can assure you that he was not the son of Darth Vader. Rather, it was the amazing New Zealand Zabeel.

Two in The Pink

The comedian Jimmy Carr said this funny phrase. Moreover, the winner of the racing commentator called this name. The horse of Ralph Smith was the winner in 2013 at Kempton Park. Besides, you can Google this funny name, and you will get amazed.

Ha Ha Ha-The Funniest Horse Name

When the commentators call this name, they do not look fools. Additionally, it is clear that the last laugh is for those players who call this name. In his amazing career, he won the last twice. Also, he won the other two games. Further, his victorious journey is still going on.

Funniest Horse Names

The Funniest Horse Names

AARRRRRRR-The Artistic Horse Name

It looks that this name relates to the ‘Speak like a Pirate Day.’ The athlete was in pain in the backside forever. Moreover, it is the only horse that can call this name in a kind way. The horse can call its own name. Truly, it is an art.


When you call this name, you will be like a school-going child in the playground. Moreover, this is a funny name. Through the ‘Pursuit of Love’ and ‘My Discovery,’ you may appreciate the creator of this name. Wasn’t he a genius? Yes, he was.

Mary Hinge-Double Meaning Horse Name

If you speak this word in front of anyone, he will stare at you with amazement. So do not take its wrong meaning. The former wife of Sir Henry Cecil called this name. Besides, this name became famous in 1994. Hence, it was one of the funniest horse names in a contest in 1994.


We cannot confirm the origin of this name. Maybe when someone was drunk badly, he called this name while consuming whisky. Furthermore, this name is one of the funniest horse names on the track. It is a hilarious name whenever you call it.

Funniest Horse Names

Horse Names

Wear The Fox Hat-Let’s Try It In Irish Way

We suggest you call this name in an Irish way. Say this name quickly. But do not speak this word when you are at your workplace or college. Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences. Such phrases do not resort to the method. Also, it would help if you thanked us because we faced the commentaries.

Big Tits

When you call this name, you will expect that the horse will bounce out of the stalls. Moreover, there is some energy and power on the track when the player finished six races successfully.

DoReMiFaSaLaTiDo-One of The Interesting And Funniest Horse Names

It seems that the creator of this name would be a huge fan of music. Also, this funny horse’s name is a tongue twister. Does it not matter who he was. It looks that he always wanted to win the race like a contest of Grade 2 in the United States.

Passing Wind

The creator of this name was a winner in two races. But you will not like to be standing near him while finishing the race. However, he won the race by a distance and seven lengths at both the times of his races.

Hoof Hearted

This funny horse name is easy to pronounce. Try to say this name quickly. Also, you will get this name easily. The horse in South Africa had little ability to win the race on the track. Therefore, this funny horse’s name is suitable for the commentator to speak.

Wrapping It Up The Funniest Horse Names

Many times, some funniest names slip through your tongue that leaves a mark for always. Henceforth, we have given you some funniest horse names that are hilarious. They relate to some special events. Their creators call those funny names while running on the track. Moreover, you can also name your own horse in a funny way. So enjoy this activity and have fun.