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Betsafe Kenya Casino Review



Betsafe Kenya Casino homepage

The online gambling industry is growing at a very fast pace. It is expected to get doubled in the upcoming years. In Kenya, the current market size is worth around $40 million. More than half of the population is engrossed in wagering and has played at casino sites at least once in their life. Among all these sites that the people of Kenya play at, Betsafe Casino is becoming very popular and well known in the market.

Betsafe Kenya – safe, trusted, and legal gambling site

The popularity of this site is gained by providing the players with a trusted, legal, and safe site that provides exciting sportsbooks and entertainment for people. Gamblers can get 24/7 customer service with more than 40 sports and 1000 markets on which they can bet upon. Betsafe Kenya is a very well-known betting brand that is owned by Betsson Group. This group already owns seventeen other sports betting brands that are spread wide across the globe. The casino got its license from two locations: Lithuania and Malta.

As the popularity of the owners and the casino is attracting new people, here is a detailed guide on all the things you need to know about this casino.

Registering on the website

Without registering or logging in to the website, you can see all the games available and the maximum bet you can make. The site is in 12 different languages, so choose the one you are most feasible with. You can only see the game range before getting registered. With betsafe login, you can get access to everything in detail. If you want to see more categories and information, then just follow these simple steps to register on the site:

  • Open the official website of betsafe Kenya
  • On the top right corner of the home page, you will see the option of “create account”
  • A form will open that you have to fill in with all the personal information
  • Add in your name, email address, home address, country, date of birth, and the currency that is used in your country
  • Make the selection of the deposit limit. Select one from the four options; no limit, daily, weekly and monthly.
  • To create your account, you have to further accept the terms and conditions
  • If you are 18 or older, tick on the box, and your account will be created.

 Logging in to Betsafe Kenya

Betsafe Kenya login process is simple. After your registration on the account, you will receive a confirmation email. You will get your betsafe login details by email. When you log in for the first time with these credentials, you will receive a confirmation code on the email. This is important for the site as they verify that the person logging in is actually you.

Once you are logged in after the process of verification, then the entire site and services are open for you. Look out for the games and offers that you find interesting. Make a bet, and you are ready to generate some money.

Popular gaming options with betsafe login

Hunting down the game among the lot of 1,000 games is very time taking. For this reason, in betsafe, you will find all the categories mentioned on the home page. Just click on the category that interests you the most. These categories are explained below so you know what to expect in them and what kind of games will be present in every section.

In-play betting

In-play bettings are made on the races, matches, and events. These bets are made after the event has already started. The prices of the bets change in between the game. Also, the number of betting opportunities emerges with the ongoing gameplay. These bets are the favorites of the gamblers as they have the opportunity to first take a look at the condition of the game and how it is progressing. By analyzing the situation, they can make better predictions and the chances of winning increase.

There are four games in the section of in-play betting. It includes tennis, football, table tennis, and basketball. To make your in-play bet, you can also select the market. This market includes the match goals, match winner, halftime results, score of both the teams, 3-way handicap, and the number of goals.


In casino games, you will find a wide range to choose from. There are different sections that include popular games, new games, games that are in trend, and exclusive ones. You can choose any game you like. Some games are a little expensive as compared to others; you can see the minimum price of these games on the icon.

These games further include mystery reel, money cart 2, spaceman, and joker megaways.

Live casino

Live casino games are the ones in which live versions are available. All the players that you find on these live games are real. The game starts when all the players are ready so that you will always be playing with a real human and not with any bot.


Jackpots are entirely based on luck, and more people are attracted to them. These jackpots provide the players with a very high winning amount, and the fees to take part in it are very low. You will find three types of jackpots in Betsafe:

The daily jackpot, super jackpot, and 10 min drop. The prices of these jackpots vary every day depending on the total number of people who are participating.

The daily jackpot win is around 12,000 euros, the super drop win is a little more than that, and 10 min drop win is around 100 euros. The winning amount is higher on the weekends as more people play on the site.


The major reason that the site has succeeded is because of the amazing services that it provides in the sports betting section. It provides the option to make a bet on 28 games. You can just select the option of the game that you like, and all the available options of the ongoing and upcoming live matches will emerge. There are also a lot of leagues that you can be a part of. This includes cricket tournaments and football leagues such as FIFA and Premier Leagues.

Horse racing

Horse racing has an entirely separate section as it attracts a lot of people. This section is very much detailed; you will find the list of countries on one side of the page and the total number of racings that are going on during that time. Player can see the name of the horses and the length that they have to cover. You can bet on any horse that you like; the list of all the runners is present once you select the race you want to bet on.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are all the self-contained simulations that show and give the experience of a real sports event. This includes football, horse races, and multiple matches, as these are virtual, so they do not take much time and usually end in three to five minutes.

virtual sports at Betsafe kenya casino

The software is built in such a manner that it creates outcomes that are exactly similar to real matches. People who have an interest in sports betting but do not have much time to sit during an entire match often opt for virtual sports.


The last section in the Betsafe Kenya casino is poker. In the industry of casino and gambling, poker has always remained the priority of all gamblers. Before the online casinos became a hit, the favorite play in the real casinos used to be poker. Even at this time, real casinos daily have this game as it is still in high demand.

In Betsate, there are three options to play in the category of poker that is Poker Welcome Package, Avatar Hunt, and Loyalty Club. Within these games, you will further find more categories under these three main games.

Table casino

Table casinos are different from slot games. They are the traditional games that people have been playing for decades. There is a table on which the game is played with some chips. On the online platform, the players make the selection, and there is a virtual table in front of them that gives a real casino experience.

These tables include coding from the back end in which they have generated random numbers. Every time a game is players; it selects a random number from all the possibilities

This includes all the famous games that people enjoy playing on all the websites. It includes Roulette, Blackjack, single and double deck blackjack and also low and high-stake roulette. Table casino gets highly interesting when you play with real people who are only on the site at the same time.

Bonuses and promotional offers

Players find a variety of bonuses on this site. Just make sure that you have the knowledge of these bonuses so that you avail them on time. Look at the following bonuses that are for all the players to enjoy.

promotions at betsafe kenya casino

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is for all the people who have just got registered on the website for the very first time. All of these new players get the chance that they can claim a 100% deposit bonus in which you can get around 3,000 KSH. Apart from this, the site also provides people with an extra 1200 KSH that they can spend on any game of their choice. To avail of this bonus, you have to first deposit minimum of 1200 in the site, and then you will get another 1200 KSH.

Poker loyalty program

In the poker loyalty program, all the poker players get the rewards. When they remain loyal to only poker games, then the reward increases, and it can be given to them at any time. The bonus can be claimed by playing any tournament or any game that comes under the category of poker.

Payout option and rates at Betsafe

Payout options are only present on those sites that have the aim to keep the players satisfied and enjoy the gaming experience without losing all the money that they have. With the help of the payout option, the players can save the money that they stake in the game as soon as possible, before the game ends. It is not possible to payout in all the games and all the time. There are specific games with this option, and there is a time limit for you to payout once the time limit ends; then, you cannot pay out your cash.

You cannot save all the money that you wager, you will only get some percent of it back, but it is better to get some back instead of losing it all. The system of payout cash on Betsafe is above 90% which means you will lose very limited amount if you payout at the right time from the game.

Safe and Secure platform

You will find a variety of casino sites that does not have a license. When it comes to Betsafe, it is a licensed platform, thus ensuring that all the bets you will make will be fair and secure. Betsafe Kenya holds two different licenses, the first is issued by Gambling commission and the second one is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

These two licenses are the main reason that the site presents itself as providing one of the safest and most fair  platform for gambling. The site has SSL encryption technology along with the TLS 1.2 RSA key that makes it impossible for any person to crack or read the information of any third party who is also playing at the same casino. There is also a signature of “VeriSign” that shows that the site is approved.

Betsafe thinks very highly of all their customers, and for that reason, they have also placed limitations on the players. This includes spending a restricted amount of money at one particular time only.

 Betsafe mobile application

Mobile application of the casinos is the most convenient thing that you can have. Playing on a web browser sometimes get very difficult, and if the page starts getting load in the middle of the game, then you will be in a very risky position.

You need to download the application from any iOS and Android device from the app store. You can also download it directly from the link that is present on the official website of Betsafe. Here are some reasons why playing at the application is far better than playing on the browser:

  • Using the application is easy, and the process of navigating through the application is also highly user-friendly.
  • The promotional offers and bonuses have far easy method to claim through the application
  • You can find the extra feature of match stats and bet results found in the application status so that you can keep a record of all the winnings and losses that you have faced.

Payment methods at Betsafe Kenya

With $40 million wagering market of Kenya, gambling money is becoming an addiction. For this, a lot of people prefer to play on a site that has a quick transaction process. This helps them in depositing the amount that they want to bet on and withdrawing the amount as soon as they get any winnings. As a result, there are less chances of them to get highly addicted and spending a lot on the sites.

How to deposit at Betsafe

Here is all the information that you need to know regarding the process of depositing. For all the casino sites, the process has to be easy and quick to keep the players stay on a platform for a longer period of time. For all the transactions, the players need MPESA to get connected with the e-wallet. Here is how you can make a deposit:

  • The minimum amount to deposit is 10 KSH
  • Open up the SIM toolkit and select MPESA
  • Go to the menu of MPESA and then click on “Lipa Na Mpesa”
  • Select “Enter business number”
  • Write the paybill number of Betsafe which is 7290099
  • Select “Ok” to confirm
  • Write account title “BETSAFE”
  • Enter the amount that you wish to deposit
  • You will get a verification PIN on your mobile phone to confirm the payment
  • Enter the code on the website
  • You will receive the amount in just a few minutes

In case you want to transact through the browser, then just open the option of deposit from the home page, and the rest of the steps are similar.

How to withdraw money on Betsafe

The minimum withdrawal amount is KSH 100 that is also done through MPESA. There is not any maximum limit so the players can withdraw as much as they want. The withdrawal rate in some casinos is very time taking that is around 3 to 5 days but at Betsafe Kenya, the maximum time withdrawal can take is 30 minutes. Here is how you can deposit the amount:

  • Log in into the website
  • Click on “my profile”
  • Select “wallet”
  • You will see an option of “withdrawal”
  • Enter the amount that you want to withdraw

There is also an option to withdraw money through SMS. Just send a message to 23333 by typing “withdrawal (amount in numbers)”. For example “withdraw 500” means you need to withdraw KSH 500.

Customer service

At betsafe, you will find customer service available 24/7 for all the players. It is recommended by the site owners that before you call, you can look at the information present at the help center. It has all the FAQs and answers for all the common queries. This will save your time and also the charges to call directly at the customer care number. You will find the option of help center in the form of this symbol “!” on the message box present on the top right corner.

In case your query is still not resolved, then you can find the option of customer service on the bottom of the page. There are different options to reach the service. If it is urgent then the fastest way is to make a call on the number “111 040000” or “730 040000”.

You can also contact through live chat. As per the advertisement of the casino, the customer service replies the chat in only 30 seconds. To opt for this method, click on the option of “LIVE CHAT” present on the footer of the website’s page.

In case there is some detailed information then you can also directly send an email to the casino site. The email address is The reply to these emails usually takes only 30 to 60 minutes.

Betsafe Kenya at a glance

The review of this casino shows that the operators have formed up a highly user-friendly platform to keep the players remain highly satisfied. There are daily bonus offers, unlimited cash back, and payout options. Jackpot games and sportsbetting also have a huge variety as regardless of being in Kenya, you can bet on any live match or horse race that is happening in some other part of the world. If you stay loyal to the website for some time, then you will also find the bonuses such as poker loyalty bonuses.

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Doubledown Casino 2022 – Free Slots for Android



Doubledown Casino

Doubledown casino is a reliable platform to play Vegas casino games, mainly slots and jackpots. You can win several free chips and grab new deals without adding any Doubledown promo codes. Sign up for the site and play games for a fun and life-like gambling experience.

Promotional offers at Doubledown Casino

Doubledown casino keeps its regular players happy by offering several promotional schemes. You can use these options to enhance your gaming experience on the platform. While playing games on the site, you can win bonuses from time to time. This includes the Cleopatra bonus, Splish-Splash bonus, multi-pot rewards, free spins, and more. The following are the reward schemes to participate in without adding any Doubledown promotion codes.

  • Free chips
  • Diamond Club Rewards
  • DoubleDown Deals

Free chips

You can use the free chips you win at the casino on its various slot games. There are several ways in which you can earn them on the platform without any Doubledown free chips promo codes, as follows.

  • Follow the social media pages of Doubledown. This includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This is an easy and popular way to get rewards without the hassle of adding Doubledown free chips promo codes.
  • Provide your email address and phone number to the site, and it will send you free chips sometimes. Check your notifications frequently to avoid missing out on the rewards.
  • The site has a Daily Wheel offer. Spin the wheel to get free chips every day.
  • The site offers several chips packages that you can purchase. Choose the one that sounds the best for you. Note that every Friday, the platform runs sales, and allows you to buy more chips for less money. What’s more, the purchases increase your loyalty points and take you further up on the loyalty program.

Doubledown Casino bonus

Diamond Club Rewards

This scheme is divided into 11 tiers. The more you buy chips, the higher your tiers go up. You get free chips every day regardless of which tier of the scheme you are in. If your tier is high, you will get additional benefits and more free chips.

The 11th tier, known as Royal Diamond, offers the best rewards. Apart from a high daily wheel limit, gifts, and VIP vouchers, players get a weekly newsletter for even more free chips. Plus the ambassadors at Doubledown offer customized support.

Therefore, participating in the Diamond Club Rewards scheme is beneficial for regular players. The following are the major tiers and their respective rewards.

Tier Daily Wheel chip limit Number of gifts Number of VIP vouchers
White Diamond 2,000,000 3 Nil
Yellow Diamond 3,000,000 3 1
Pink Diamond 4,000,000 4 1
Blue Diamond 5,000,000 5 2
Red Diamond 10,000,000 7 2
Black Diamond 30,000,000 10 2
Cosmic Diamond 35,000,000 11 3
Fire Diamond 40,000,000 12 3
Orchid Diamond 45,000,000 13 3
Supernova Diamond 50,000,000 14 3
Royal Diamond 55,000,000 15 3

DoubleDown Deals

“Purchase DoubleDown Gold for a better gaming experience.”

This is a promotion that lets you get a better value on your chips. It is a type of gold currency that is exclusively used on the Doubledown platform. There are several packages to choose from. You can redeem the gold purchases on chips, and the value becomes 5% higher than normal.

The gold you purchase will be shared with you through email, and there is no expiration date. One Doubledown Gold unit is of the same value as 1 dollar on the site. You can choose to gift the gold to a friend as well instead of a Doubledown casino code share.

Check out the following offers on the site.

  • Get 525 Doubledown Gold units for $500 as a 5% bonus offer.
  • Buy 260 Doubledown Gold units with a 4% bonus at $250.4
  • For $100, purchase 103 Doubledown Gold units at a 3% bonus.

Play rewarding games at Doubledown Casino

You can try out a variety of fun casino games on the platform. The games are playable completely free of cost; all you need to do is sign up. Take a look at the top categories.

Doubledown Casino games

  • Slot games
  • Jackpots

Slot games

The platform offers a Vegas-like casino experience with slots that are rich in graphics and highly rewarding. Check out the crowd’s favorite options to play.

  • Golden Goddess
  • Cleopatra
  • DaVinci Diamonds
  • Lobster Mania 2
  • Crown of Egypt
  • Temple of Fire: Cash Eruption
  • Cats
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Texas Tea
  • Fishing Bob


There are jackpot happy hours that you can check on the site for better bonuses and rewards. For huge jackpot winnings, try out the Megabucks slots available on the platform. You can find special events on the site from time to time, with huge prizes starting with 1,000,000,000,000 chips.

Doubledown Casino apps

How to sign up at the casino platform

The sign-up process at Doubledown casino is simple and fast. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Head over to the homepage.
  2. You will find options to connect through email, Google, or Facebook.
  3. Choose the option that is more convenient for you.
  4. Provide the relevant account login details.
  5. A form will pop up, where you need to click the ‘Register’ button.
  6. The site registers you as a player.
  7. That’s all! You can start playing games on the platform.

Mobile compatibility of the casino

You can play games at Doubldown casino on your PC, tablet, or mobile device at your convenience. Many people choose to play games on their mobile phones as it allows them to play for longer hours wherever they are.

Where to download the Doubledown casino app

There is a dedicated mobile app that you can download on your Android or iOS device. The app is also available on Amazon.

Bottom line- Enjoy rewards without Doubledown promo codes

As it has been established, there is no need to provide any Doubledown promo codes to enjoy free chips and other rewards on the site. You can make chip purchases to become a top member of the site’s VIP scheme. This is worthwhile as it comes with a lot of awesome rewards.
Plus, the platform is easy to download, and the website layout is simple to navigate. It is a great place to start your online gambling journey as a beginner.

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Pavilion88 Trusted Online Casino



Pavilion88 online casino

Pavilion88 casino is a Malaysian online platform that satisfies the needs of all gamblers. The website has a wide variety of games, promotions, and bonuses. Players often get confused and are caught up in this variety. So, here is a review of the casino to give an overview of what Pavilion88 has to offer.

Pavilion 88 casino review

Pavilion 88 casino has made its place among Malaysian players. People love the bonuses and welcome offers that keep them attached to the casino. Take a look at all the bonus options and the facts about why the casino is called the most trusted.

Bonuses and promotional offers

There are 15 offers at the casino that the player can avail now. At Pavilion 88 login, the offers get expire after some time and are replaced by new ones. Every offer has separate terms and conditions. Make sure that you go through the requirement before you play to win some reward.

Malaysian casino

Here are some offers along with the requirements to give you an overview of the kind of offers you can expect at Pavilion88.

Free Credit Bonus

The minimum deposit amount needed is RM 5.00 to be eligible for this offer. Each share gives RM1-RM88. To make a share, the player has to refer a friend on the casino website. It is important that the referred player first completes the process of registration, then the bonus is given to the player.

Unlimited Bonus

There are three offers in the unlimited bonus section, which are presented as follows:

  • 5% – Deposit minimum of RM 10.00 with a turnover of 1.5x
  • 8% – Deposit minimum of RM 100.00 with a turnover of 1.5x
  • 10% deposit minimum of RM 300.00 with a turnover of 2x

Welcome Special Bonus

In the special welcome bonus, there are three offers:

  • 50% welcome bonus with a minimum deposit of RM 30.00 and a maximum bonus of RM 388.00.
  • 20% daily bonus with a minimum deposit of RM 30.00 and a maximum bonus of RM 188.00.
  • 30% weekend bonus with a minimum deposit of RM 30.00 and a maximum bonus of RM 288. The amount will be automatically received in your pavilion 88 wallet.

Collection Resit

All the bonuses that come under collection resit are based on slots, fishing, and monkey and table games only. There are three offers present in collection resit:

  • Minimum deposit of RM 30.00, win 3x. Depositing 30 will give you an overall RM 117.
  • Make a deposit of a minimum of RM 30.00 and win a free RM 88.88 bonus.
  • Win RM 168.88 by making a minimum deposit of RM 30.00

After winning the bonus, the amount is added automatically to the Pavilion 88 wallet.

Jackpot Tournament

There are two incoming jackpots at Pavilion88 casino in November. The jackpots will start on the 10th of November and will end on the 10th of December. Any bet that is placed in any random jackpot game makes the player eligible for this offer. The reward of the first jackpot is RM 15,000 to RM 75,000. Second jackpot prize is RM 15,00 – RM 75,00.

Gaming variety

Pavilion88’s gaming variety includes sportsbooks, arcade games, slot games, classics, and table games. There is a separate section for the event game, new games, live casino, and some hot games. Here are some of the gaming categories explained, along with the available games that come under that section.


Pavilion88 has the top four popular arcade games for the players. It includes Pokemon, Racing Car, Thunder Bolt, and Forest Dance.


Classic games also include the most popular and played casino games. Players can enjoy Reel Classic, 7 Crazy, Monkey Slots, and 8 ball slots at the casino.

Slot games

Pavilion88 casino offers 93 slot games. You can browse through the options without registering or logging in to the casino website. A few examples of the games present in slots include Dragon Gold, Orient Express, Discovery, Samurai, etc.

Table games

There are 15 table games offered by login. You can find the popular ones as well as the new games that offer unique gaming experiences. Some gaming options that you can find in the category of table games include Roulette, Baccarat, Hold ‘em, and Belangkai.


All the available sports betting options available at Pv88 casino are provided by well-known developers. Players can make bets on multiple sports, including football, basketball, hockey, cricket, tennis, etc. Most of these games are developed and provided by SV388, Bet33, IBCBet, M8Bet, and RCB988.

How to log in at Pavilion88 casino

Every player has to register on the casino website to see the full features.

Pavilion88 casino

To make your account, go to the home page of the official website. Click on the option of List; present on the top right corner. Add in the following information accurately:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Generate password
  • Code referral (in case you are joining as a referral to your friend, this code will not do anything to you but will give a bonus to your friend who referred you).
  • Click on ‘Get Code’
  • You will get a verification code on your mobile device. Enter that to complete the registration process.

The above-mentioned information is enough for the creation of the account.

Banking options

The banking options available at the casino include bank transfers, crypto payments, QR, and Pavilion88 ewallet payments. In crypto, there are numerous options, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. As for bank transfers, Malaysian players can easily make their payments through banks. The transactions take only 1-3 business days.

After log-in in to the website, the first step is to fund your pavillion88 wallet. You can place your bets on any game of your choice once the money comes to the wallet. Following are the deposit and withdrawal options that you can opt for.

  • Maxis
  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet
  • ShopeePay
  • Celcom
  • Bank Transfer
  • Boost
  • GrabPay
  • Digi
  • DuitNow
  • Cryptocurrency

Wagering restrictions at Pavilion88 Casino

In Malaysia, gambling is not legal because the court follows the Shariah law. In terms of betting online, there are fewer restrictions and very few to no ways to catch someone who makes online bets. The Betting Act of 1953 takes care of all the gambling laws and policies. Most players prefer using a VPN to get access to casinos and to remain safe from leaving any kind of traces behind. Malaysian players prefer playing at Pavilion88 trusted online casino.

Pavilion88 Casino – quick summary

Pv88 casino includes all the amazing features that Malaysian players love. From easy payment methods to multiple bonuses and jackpot tournaments. The casino website is secure in terms of gameplay as it uses the automated number generator for the outcome of all games. Pavilion88 casino has included detailed guidance and instruction in every game and bonus. This is the most needed element as the players get the idea of how they can be eligible for the offer and what are the wagering limitations.

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Ignition Casino – USA’s Top Online Casino



Ignition casino review

Ignition casino was launched in the year 2016 and is owned by the Lynton Limited Company. It holds the license issued by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Among the gamblers, the site is popular because of being the highest traffic casino poker site. With hundreds of new tournaments everyday smooth and user-friendly layout, the casino has taken a permanent place as the players go the casino.

Ignition Casino Review – 2022

When it comes to online gambling and online casinos, the first thing that attracts the players are promotional offers and bonuses. There are multiple ongoing offers at Ignition casino. The other concern that players have with every casino is the payment method. This casino offers a crypto casino that removes the entire hustle of other transactions. Take a look at all the things this casino has for all the players.

Promotions at Ignition Casino

promotions at online casino

Every promotion offer has its own policies, requirements, and wagering limits. Make sure that you first take a look at the terms and conditions before taking part in the offer. Here are the available offers:

Welcome Bonus

This casino is a perfect destination for crypto players. In the welcome bonus, when the player makes their first deposit with crypto, they will get a 300% match bonus. In this 300%, half of the prize is a casino welcome bonus, and the other half is a welcome poker bonus. The maximum amount to win is $3,000.

If you make your initial deposit with any other method than crypto, then you will get a 100% match bonus. The maximum winning amount here is $2,000.

Bad Beat Bonus

Poker and gambling are all about luck. Losing and winning are a part of a game. To ensure that the players never get disappointed in the game, there is a bad beat bonus. If you lose against four aces or anything better, then you will get a 100x bonus that is of $1,000. This is to keep the players in the game and give them another chance to try their luck.

The offer can be availed within 48 hours after the game has ended. Submit your hand number and the table number to the official email address of the website.

Weekly Poker

Every week at the casino, there is a tournament available that gives the prize of $2,500 GTD. There is a reward in the dashboard every week that the players need to claim. After claiming, head towards the category of the tournament. By using your voucher, register yourself for the weekly ignition tournament reward. Every Thursday, check the progress and see your luck.

The Weekly Boost

The weekly boost bonus offer has a 100% match bonus up to a $1000 cash prize. The offer is availed when the deposit is made with a few specific cryptocurrencies. Every Monday, the offer is renewed for the players and can be redeemed till the next Monday.

Crypto offers

Ignition casino has a separate offer that is only for the players who make their transactions with crypto. To avail the offer, players have to refer their friends on the casino website. Once the player joins in and makes a deposit, then the player gets 200% of that deposit. The maximum winning prize of this offer is $100 + $25 more in case the deposit is made with any cryptocurrencies.

Gaming Variety

Ignition casino offers poker, casino, virtual, and live dealing games. Every category further possesses more promotions and bonuses for the players. Take a look at the detailed description of these games and the features that they have.


At Ignition Casino, the player does not have to wait for the seat to be empty to take part in the game. All you have to do is select the stake amount and the game you want to play. There are multiple options to choose from, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, etc. In mobile poker, players can play tournaments in a group of three.

poker games

One interesting feature at the casino is that there is an option for anonymous tables. When players play with their name tags, it is possible for the other players to take a look at the player’s previous records. This can give them a chance to understand the weaknesses of the players or to get intimated by the massive wins. Try to remain anonymous and use all your effective strategies.


In the category of casino games, there are further subcategories. It includes featured games, new games, popular casino games, and jackpots. The jackpot prizes are quite high, starting from 284K USD with the minimum jackpot game of 1K USD.

Live Dealer

There are always live dealers available on the site, waiting to assist the players. The gaming options available include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Super 6. Every dealer has a different offer, the number of players needed, and the betting limit. Select any offer that you like and start your game of dealing with a live dealer.

Virtual sports

Virtual sports are quick, have high betting odds, and give the feeling of a live match to the player. You can play the ongoing matches, as well as take part in the scheduled matches. There are various options, including soccer, horse racing, greyhounds, camel racing, England League, and supercar racing.

You can have a look at how virtual sports work in the casino by seeing a short video that is available under the scheduled section. This video shows the ongoing matches and the bets that you can place.

How to log in at the casino

To log in to the casino website, the players have to add in some personal information. This includes first name and last name along with the accurate date of birth. Then you have to add the mobile phone number that is active. Keep in mind that this number will be the only way that the casino communicates with the players.

Add in your email address, and generate a password. There is a section for modifying your location; ensure that it is located in your area. Enter the ZIP code address along with the referral email address. Click on register and keep a check on your phone and email. You will receive a confirmation code that you need to enter. After the verification process, your account credentials will be sent to you via email. Log in with those credentials and enjoy your gameplay.

Payment methods

There are nine different payment methods at the casino. The casino is mostly known for crypto users, so there are multiple options for crypto payments. Every option has different minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. The following list present shows all the available payment methods:

  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Ethereum
  • MatchPay
  • Play transfers
  • Vouchers

The last three options are for the non-crypto players. In MatchPay, the payments can be made through Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and Cash App. All these support Matchpay which will further make the process of transaction easy and quick for all players.

Through vouchers, people can withdraw money that directly goes into their accounts. There is an Ignition casino forum from which where people can buy and sell these vouchers.

Responsible Gaming

Ignition casino ensures that the players do not end up getting addicted to gaming. There are two options at the casino, responsible gaming and a self-exclusion program. Whenever you feel that you are playing and spending too much at the casino, opt for the self-exclusion service. Just send an email to the casino, and your account will be disabled. You can select the time duration for how long you want the account to be banned.

All the players should be 18 or above. In case the mobile device that you use is also used by anyone below the age of 18, then there is an option of parental control. By using this, you will not get any notification about the casino, nor will you get any kind of pop-ups.

Ignition Casino – summing up the major features

Ignition casino has massive popularity among gamblers who have an interest in poker casino, virtual games, and casino games. People love it because of the smooth and quick service offered by the casino website. There are multiple options for cryptocurrencies available on the site. From Bitcoin to Litecoin, all the options have quick payments. It only takes two to three minutes for the amount to be deposited or to get in your crypto wallet. These casino reviews help people to understand if they should play at the casino or not.

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